2018 Jan/Feb  Bulletin

News & Announcements

Treasure Hunt Game
Drawing Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Thursday Night Meal Menu

Friday January 19th
"Dick's Babyback Ribs"
"Autumn Grey"

Friday January 26th

"Fish Fry"
"Kessler Kountry"

Saturday January 29th

4th  Dist. Putt-Putt Tournament
Gary Gregory Memorial-Open
Practice at 12:30 Start at 1:30
$10 per person, food included
Proceeds to Childrens Welfare Fund
Hole sponsors are needed.  $25 per hole
.  Want to help a Vet sponsor a hole!
Welcome To
Aaron Scisinger American Legion Post 178
515 W. 5th Ave
Garrett, IN 46738
260 357-5133
Certified Authorized Provider in the Military Honors Program
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Canteen Hours
Mon thru Thurs 3 PM til 10 PM
Fri 3 PM til Midnight
Saturday Noon til Midnight
Sunday Noon til 8 PM
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Burial Detail
We have a need for volunteers for burial
detail. Please offer your help to pay respect to
those who have served our Country. See
Tucker DePEW for more information.
Post 178 is a Non-Smoking Facility
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